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Metropolitan Xplore

The Metropolitan Xplore combines several groundbreaking technical developments from recent years: Belt drive, pinion gearbox and the tout terrain CITY SAFETY concept. The Metropolitan Xplore takes us one step closer to a low-maintenance, urban commuter bike - perhaps the most consistent, systematic product ever to be launched on the market.

The Carbon Drive belt makes daily cycling better, easier and cleaner, enabling the smooth, noiseless riding every cyclist dreams of. It is quieter, more robust, and requires less maintenance than a chain. It is also greaseless, oil-free and trouble-free. The unique, new TBA system pending patent makes it easy to tension the belt, without having to adjust the dropout.

With its 18 gears, the pinion gearbox (a record feat of German engineering) provides a wide range of gears with excellent ratios, and thus ideal conditions for commuters and frequent riders. The sealed casing protects the gearbox from dirt and damage, ensuring the bike remains low-maintenance.


  • Low-maintenance, oil-free drive using Carbon Drive® belt
  • Easy belt adjustment using the patent-pending Triangular Belt Adjustment System (TBA), which does not require any rear wheel adjustment
  • 636% ratio range, more than any derailleur system or gear hub.
  • Extremely low-maintenance. The gearbox works in oil bath, and is designed to achieve a service life of 60,000 km.
  • Luggage rack integrated into the frame, with modular incorporation of the Snap-IT® system luggage rack by Racktime®. A wide range of accessories enables a variety of applications.
  • Integrated frame lock
  • Ergo–Stop steering stop

Triangular Belt Adjustment
Weight optimized mount
Carbon Drive® belt

Pinion Techbox

The P1.18 is a spur-wheel shift gearbox, consisting of two series-connected transmission structures and 18 evenly graduated gears. Compact, lightweight, durable and virtually maintenance-free, securely protected by a sealed case, and centrally integrated into the bicycle frame.

Eurobike Award I German Design Award
iF International Forum Design GmbH
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