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The Plug III

Eco-friendly power supply for USB devices via dynamo hub

The Plug III's simplicity is outstanding. Unique is the complete integration of the entire electronics, into the Top Cap. The electronics are encapsulated with a sealing liquid in a housing completely made from aluminium to protect it from humidity and external impacts in the best possible way. The Plug III comes with the PAT II technology as a standard.

PAT II technology

The next generation PAT II technology is specifically made for riders who travel with medium or lower speed and serves now riders who ride fast at high speeds. Better efficiency delivers already at about 12 km/h the full USB power which allows you to operate many devices with an integrated battery directly from the Plug III. The PAT II technology does not change the appearance of the Plug III as it is hidden within the head tube cartridge. The PAT II technology can also be retrofitted to any Plug II.


  • Eco-friendly power supply for USB-devices (GPS, MP3-Player or mobile phones) via dynamo hub
  • Meets USB specification: The Plug III converts power from an existing dynamo hub into USB 5V standard.
  • Revised design: full integration of the entire electronics into the TopCap offers a clean bike design, easy retrofit as well as a very good theft protection
  • Tough 6061 aluminium housing, corrosion-resistant: The tough housing does not only look great, but also withstands serious impacts.
  • iPhone® support built-in. Plug-in and ride - great handling in combination with the iPhone, because with the Plug II you do not need a special cable
  • With everything in a simple TopCap installation becomes a piece of cake – just connect the cable with the USB-TopCap and the dynamo hub – it is that simple!

The Plug II Extra Power

Through our P.A.T. (Power Amplification Technology) system, that is optionally used, the power output of the Plug II can be optimized. This is particularly useful for users of smart phones or rechargeable batteries that want to maximize their power output on the road. Concealed, the extra power module is attached in the fork tube, so there are no other cables necessary outside.


User Henk T. comments the PAT technology: "Exactly as you wrote the hub (SON DELUX) now starts charging the iPhone 4 if I cycle around 18km/hr. On a three hour ride overall ride,..., and an average ride speed of around 17.5 km/hr the iPhone remained charged to exactly the starting level. So I am very impressed now with the set-up. I can only commend the excellent Tout Terrain after sales service..."

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