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The range of products for bicycle travelers is expanded by our luggage trailer Mule. Our 10-year experience with suspended and single-wheeled trailers has been integrated into the Mule and makes it a unique product for off-road and on-road cycling. The goal to develop a very light but extremely robust trailer has been fully achieved.

The optimization of luggage in the sense of gravity allows the use of different types of terrain in the area. The road mode provides a low center of gravity and reduced ground clearance. In comparison, within the off-road mode, the maximum ground clearance and higher center of gravity can be exploited.

The Mule is completely dismantled, to store compact and thus easy to transport.


  • Single-wheeled design enables dynamic riding qualities with a load
  • Lightweight: only about 5.8 kg without kickstand
  • Center of gravity optimization of luggage for different usage models: lower balance point and reduced ground clearance for street usage, higher balance point and ground clearance for off-road usage
  • 2 suspension modes: 120mm suspension travel for street usage, 160mm suspension travel for off-road usage
  • Multiple possible loading options: Inverse Bag and soft shell inside lining or waterproof cargo bag with back pack function
  • Simple and easy handling, can be stored flat

Inverse Bag with rain cover


Cass Gilbert, 09/11
Upshot: "I've been really enjoying using the trailer. It rides great, and is so easy to deal with off the bike. My favourite trailer so far!"

Recommended Accessories

Inverse bag including rain cover
Quick release safety pin

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