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5th Avenue Xplore

The 5th Avenue Xplore has all the ingredients needed for the grand Alpentour or for gentle gliding. Its fascinating features include light, slim 28-inch wheels and a Pinion drive with an optimized center of gravity. The foundation is formed by a frame fabricated from multi-butted chromoly steel tubing by Dedacciai.

The Pinion gearbox, a visionary product of German engineering, is centrally integrated into the frame. For this purpose, we developed the special, weight-optimized TBA retainer that makes possible tensioning of the belt or the chain without a chain tensioner or moving the dropout. Combined with a steel frame and on a touring bike, this gearbox is ideal for carefree cycling. With 18 gears, the gearbox provides a wide gear range with extremely fine ratios, giving it the required variety for steep hills and valleys. The central position of the gearbox provides a balanced weight and therefore safe handling. The lower rotating mass of the rear wheel provides lots of riding agility.


  • Frame made of high-quality, multi-butted, weight-optimized chromoly steel tubing by Dedacciai for extreme durability
  • 28-inch wheels
  • Specially butted down tube for improved load handling. Optimized rigidity and riding performance
  • Patent-pending tout terrain TBA system for easy belt adjustment with no rear wheel adjustment required
  • Pinion 18-gear gearbox with 636% gear ratio
  • Integrated stainless steel rack: rigid, durable, light. Load capacity up to 40 kg (88 lbs)
  • Compatible with Carbon Drive belt drive or chain drive
  • Integrated Ergo-Stop steering stop for protecting the frame, cable lines, and brake lines
  • Standard specifications allow global supply of replacement parts

Integrated stainless steel rack
Carbon Drive belt dropout
Integrated brake mounts

Pinion Techbox

  • 18 REAL GEARS with even steps of 11,5%
  • OVERALL GEAR RATION 636%. More than any derailleur system or hub gear.
  • LIGHTNING-FAST SHIFTING of any number of gears in any situation.
  • PLAY IT SAVE. A sealed rugged housing protects the gearbox from dirt and damage.

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