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What does tout terrain stand for?

tout terrain is gathered from the French language and means "suitable for off-road driving" or "all-terrain". The name describes the characteristic of all tout terrain products, to be that robust that they can be used in any terrain.

About us

Meanwhile, tout terrain is already in its 12th year. Measured by the time horizons of other companies we are very young, of course. Due to the eventful past few years and the collection of many experiences, we feel this period, however, as much longer.

It has not really changed that much. We still have the same passion for cycling as in the year of foundation, still drive and test our own products. Day-to-day we are optimizing a few little things and try to incorporate the customers feedback into the development of our products. In this way, we are continually trying to improve details. Every single tout terrain product is developed for a very specific area of ​​application and often represents the result of years of travel as well as cycling experience.

Simple design and clear contours enhance the functionality of the product. Our innovations can sometimes be very small and rather conspicuous by the "omission" of individual details. On the other hand, we create entirely new products and applications.

Even if something should ever not be that way our customers want it to, we always try to offer the best service possible to them.

We try to focus on what we do best: develop great products. Ultimately, however, only one thing counts for us, your enjoyment of our products when and wherever you use them.


Innovation and quality - this is tout terrain.

We have focused on the development and production of well-designed and innovative products that are resolutely geared to the needs of the user, maximum driving pleasure, low maintenance and long life.

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