tout terrain


Your tout terrain bike - quality, functionality and design - Handmade in Freiburg.

Bicycle Manufactory

Every tout terrain bike, starting from a classic touring bike up to an electric bike, is a manufactory product: it is designed and manufactured here in Gundelfingen. Depending on the model, the frame tubes come are from Italian premium steel maker Dedacciai, the frames are manufactured by European or Taiwanese frame builders.

All subsequent manufacturing steps happen in-house: the incoming frames are thoroughly inspected in quality control department, before they are further processed in our own powder coating shop and they become sandblasted, powder coated in the customer's requested color. In addition to the 10 standard colors, a wide range of RAL colors is available for color selection.

tout terrain bicycles are carefully assembled by hand. Production line and robot? Nothing we use! Our assemblers work with the most important tool: experience!

Environmental friendliness is important in all our processes. Also making our own manufacturing decisions are important to us so we can deliver the quality you expect from a tout terrain bicycle. At the end of the production every assembled bicycle will be checked again by our final inspection. 

The Color

The first and the most obvious reason for paint is to create a personal touch to your bike, something unique and personal - much like a piece of furniture. But the surface is more than just the color. It is decisive for the durability of a bicycle and it is exposed to high loads. Starting from mechanical stress caused by everyday use to exposure to road salt in the year-round use. There are also requirements for environmental protection when applying the coating. With our  powder coating facility we are able to control the complete surface treatment process and exceed these requirements for the powder coating process.

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