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Urban mobility

Modern urban life is no longer imaginable without e-bikes and e-bikes are the definition of the urban lifestyle in many cities. The initial niche business of developing products for older people or people who have difficulties riding bicycles without support has become a large segment with various applications including for the younger target group. Many families use the e-bike to travel to the daycare center or major weekend shopping trip and mainly do without the car or get rid of it altogether. Flexibility, riding enjoyment and sustainability are decisive criteria to further pursue this development and increase the quality of life in our cities.

E-made in Freiburg

Ride quality, motor noise and low maintenance were the top priorities for the design of our new e-bike line. The result is the tout terrain Silent e-Drive System, consisting of the tout terrain frame with TBA system, pinion gearbox, Go SwissDrive rear wheel hub drive and the Gates belt drive. The system was designed for all bicyclists who don’t want to miss the positive ride qualities of a tout terrain bicycle and are looking for suitable support. Our solution was designed for style oriented and technology minded commuters or recreational bicyclists who want to ride a “normal” bike in spite of the support. The central positioning of the gearbox and rechargeable battery provides stable and safe ride qualities and the rack (if installed) offers all functions without compromises due to the battery rack.

tout terrain

Products by tout terrain stand for innovation, quality and function. We are focusing on developing and manufacturing sophisticated, innovative products that are consistently tailored to users and which provide maximum riding enjoyment, low maintenance, and a long lifetime. The focus is thus on the bicycle as a whole. The heart of the bike, the frame and the fork, are crucial to riding enjoyment and performance.

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