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Go SwissDrive

With its rear wheel hub motor, the Go SwissDrive system of the Swiss manufacturer sets the bar for torque and low maintenance. The immediate power characteristics of the strong quiet motor provide much riding enjoyment because the torque is transferred directly from the motor to the wheel and thereby the road. A slim TFT color display and the high-performance rechargeable battery for maximum range enhance the electric drive unit. The EVO TFT color display has a USB A port for service updates and provides for directly charging of USB devices.

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Gates Carbon Driveā„¢

The patented Gates Carbon Drive promises a long lifecycle and low maintenance requirements and, most importantly, an unbelievably awesome ride! It makes everyday cycling better, easier, and cleaner. enabling the smooth, silent riding every cyclist dreams of. It is grease-free, oil-free and does not leave stains on your pants. And you will never have to stop to adjust a skipped chain.

The TBA-System

The specially designed weight optimized TBA fixture for the pinion gearbox makes tensioning the belt easy without the need for a belt tensioner or having to move the dropout. The TBA system facilitates a simple, simultaneous adjustment of the belt tension and belt line.

The Pinion gearbox

Fine-tuned gears and a compact bandwidth make the P1.9 series the perfect companion in the city and on tour. The pinion gearboxes open completely new horizons for pedelecs: Paired with a rear wheel hub motor, the gearbox is the ideal combination of two separate systems. This arrangement ensures balanced riding and shifting behavior and protects the wear and tear components from overload, which is a significant advantage compared to all center motor concepts. The fine-tuned increments of all nine gears provide the highest level of comfort level possible on the way to work or for recreational enjoyment.

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