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Top utilization of power

Energy recover when driving downhill is also applied as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) in Formula 1 and hybrid cars and is only available with modern rear wheel hub motors. The GO SwissDrive motor offers a 2-stage adjustment for the recuperation. Power that is released while braking is converted to power and directly fed into the battery. This prevents any wasted energy.

Energy recovery also serves as a motor brake up to a speed of 45 km/h. This protects your brakes and the more constant speed provides a safer riding behavior.


Electromobility is sustainable to the extent that the resources are protected. In addition to protecting the environment, resource protection also protects your wallet. Sustainability was a major concern for our selection of our partners for the Silent e-Drive system. Not only the mechanical drive unit, the gearbox, but also the electric drive unit, the rear motor, are fully maintainable and can be repaired in the event of any defects. This ensures that highly valuable raw materials, such as copper, will not end up at the dump but will be reused instead.

In cooperation with our suppliers for motors and rechargeable batteries, we have developed a program to provide you with the option to return your rechargeable battery at the end of its lifecycle to refresh your rechargeable battery. The cells are thereby replaced and you will save cash because this not only benefits the environment but also your wallet.


The light can be switched on comfortably with the Evo Display on the operating satellite. Even when your rechargeable battery has a low charge, the light can be operated for an extended period of time in ride mode, even if the motor no longer provides support.

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