tout terrain


Innovation & Quality

Innovation & Quality – that´s what tout terrain stands for. We are concentrating our efforts on the development and production of well-thought through and innovative products that are custom-tailored, offer maximum cycling pleasure, minimal main¬tenance and a high degree of durability.

Conceived by people, for people

tout terrain products have been around since 2004. That is not long. However, alongside the company founder and idea generator Oliver Römer a number of additional experts work in development at and for tout terrain, who enjoy massive recognition from insiders. Using leading-edge design methods we have transformed the ideas and experiences of these people into real and reliable products.

Whether you cycle to work every day, head off into the countryside at the weekend or wish once in your lifetime to cycle under your own steam right around the globe - with tout terrain you will find not only the right equipment, but also people with an enthusiasm for bicycles and a desire to perfect existing products and to newly develop them.

Furthermore, our products are exceptional in particu­lar because they are specifically tailored to the user and offer maximum cycling pleasure, minimal main­tenance and a high degree of durability. Within the framework of a constant development process it is not only our own experience that flows into our products but also the experiences of our customers. And we are constantly surpassing the limits of a conventional bike manufacturer, grasping new ideas that are described in many places with a single word. Smart.

It is the large and small challenges that drive us every day to deliver you a better and more well-thought out product. Ultimately only one thing counts for us: Your pleasure in our products, whenever and wherever you use them.


The whole is well known, more than the sum of its parts: only care and craftsmanship can make a "round" product out of the best materials and innovative designs. By constructing our own prototypes, we do not only know in theory how a product is manufactured, but also in practice. This allows us to work more closely with our suppliers and to develop better solutions than it would be possible without this technical knowledge. Every day we try hard to increase our knowledge and share our experience with those who work for us.

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