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Why steel?

In many discussions, this question already takes on ideological traits and can partially be described as a matter of faith. We opted for steel for two reasons. On the one hand, the sleek look of steel pipes, much delicate than aluminum tubes with similar mechanical properties. Alongside this optical issue all the objective merits of steel have to be accentuated:

  • high resistance
  • high modulus of elasticity
  • high tenacity
  • comparatively easy to handle
  • easily recyclable
  • lower energy consumption during production compared with aluminum

Dedacciai Zero1 Replica

Some of our bike models make use of the Dedacciai Zero1 Replica tube set. This is made ​​from seamless drawn tubing and provides an excellent compromise between weight and durability. Using Nivacrom it is possible to establish a frame that is both lightweight and stiff. In order to achieve the best technical solution, we spare no effort and produce own pipes according to our specifications.

"Because steel is heavier"?

Higher weight compared to aluminum is mentioned repeatedly as a disadvantage. Admittedly, steel generates a very high performance at low weights. Provided, however, the selection of very high quality alloys from reputable manufacturers (as Dedacciai, Columbus, Reynolds). The latest alloys, which are used by tout terrain come close to the weight of aluminum, but with significantly better long-term properties. This increases the long-term suitability of the frame, with a reduction of the defect susceptibility. Through the use of surface and cavity sealing even the often-mentioned disadvantage of rust infestation can be reduced. This is especially true in view of the fact that aluminum is corrosion-prone, but this appears not red but white.

Stainless Steel

The racks of our urban and touring bikes are, just like the dropouts and braze-ons, made ​​of stainless steel. Thus, corrosion can be prevented even under extreme use and contiguous wear.

The Grande Route XCR will produced completely from stainless steel. The main tubeset is the Columbus XCR.


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