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Gear Ratios for Touring Bikes

Cycle tourers have special requirements to their gear ratios. Especially with luggage it is particularly important that lower gears are available to master also longer climbs. While with internal gear boxes, whether Pinion or Rohloff, there is nothing you can change in regards to the primary internal gear ratios and that's different with a derailleur drivetrain system - and it is its biggest advantage.

Since "stock parts" are not designed with cycle tourers in mind, they are geared towards road cycling or mountain biking, we developed in collaboration with our long-term partner Middleburn two special touring specific crank sets.

Particular in mountainous terrain they offer a better choice of gears than the stock components, ultimately we don't have to win a races but just enjoy the ride. Our touring specific cranksets allow at the same cadence at least a 10% lower speed and therefore less power.

The cranksets are within the drivetrain specifications of the manufacturers so you will still experience a good shifting performance. However, the shifting performance can differ from the one you are used to from your road or mountain bike.

Thanks to the excellent page of Below you will find links directly to the ratios we offer (top of the graph) compared to standard ratios (the bottom of the graph):

  • 3x10 48/36/26 used on the Grande Route
  • 2x11 46/30 used on the Grande Route
Triple Touring vs. Triple Road
Ultra Compact Touring vs. Road Compact

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