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The Color of your Bike

The first and the most obvious reason for paint is to create a personal touch to your bike, something unique and personal - much like a piece of furniture. But the surface is more than just the color. It is decisive for the durability of a bicycle and it is exposed to high loads. With our powder coating facility we are able to control the complete surface treatment process and exceed these requirements for the powdercoating process.

Environmental Protection

Powder coatings are among the most environmentally friendly paint types. There are no residues as this is with solvent-containing paints the case. In powder coatings there are no hazardous or toxic fumes, so there is no toxic danger to the technicians involved. We at tout terrain use as much as possible low-temperature coatings and thus minimize the energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Corrosion Protection

A bicycle frame gets extremely stressed by being exposed to road salt on one hand or extremely salty sweat on the other. Therefore it requires a high degree of corrosion protection. Corrosion can take various forms, depending on the base material. For steel it occurs in the form of rust, corrosion on aluminum shows as a white layer. Therefore, we at tout terrain use the highest level of corrosion protection on a bicycle by using a 3-layerpowder coating process.

Durability and Care

A major advantage of powder coating is its impact resistance. Which means that powder coatings have a better impact to mechanical imoacts than wet paint. Nevertheless, a powder coating needs a regular cleaning and wax treatment to makesure it lasts for a long time. Damage caused by mechanical stress or impacts should be treated as promptly as possible.

Life Extension

If you want a new color after years of riding your bike, the frame can be recoated again and you can breathe a second new life into your favorite bicycle.

The Surface Treatment


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