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Suspension Technology

The suspension of our products are designed such that the struts can work with minimal internal pressures. Therefore low loads acting on the seals and the durability is increased.

This is achieved by low leverage ratios, which are possible because we based our concept with a deflection of up to 80mm. For specialized use, this settings are ideal. The uncompromising construction also contributes to the suspension system for enhanced durability. Because of the low rider's weight, our products Singletrailer and Streamliner work with very low air pressure. Thus, the loads on the damper are also very small.

Due to the low pressures a very accurate and easy tuning of the chassis may be achieved in addition to the increased durability. This is especially helpful in children's products, because the suspension can be adjusted to the body weight of the child very well.

We exclusively use high-quality cushion systems from the dependable companies DTSwiss, RockShox and X-Fusion.

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