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Theft protection

Theft protection is vital. The only way to reduce the risk of having your bicycle stolen is to take the appropriate measures. In addition to criminal gangs for whom even burglaries are routine, bicycles are often the targets of petty theft. Our goal is not only to prevent theft, but also to recover the bicycle as quickly as possible in the event of theft. We provide the following security options for this purpose.

Security Options

Locking is better than not locking: Even logical actions are not always carried out. When you're out shopping, you don't have time to waste. The perfect solution is an integrated frame lock from ABUS, which can be used on all tout terrain city bikes. You can supplement it with a chain made of hardened steel, which fits neatly and compactly into a special pocket on the bottle holder.

We offer on all our bikes either integrated frame locks from ABUS with an optional chain including stow away pouch and/or the famous and very compact ABUS Bordo lock. With these locks, there is no excuse for not locking the bike.

Furthermore we use hex keys on all of our bikes to reduce the grab-and-go theft of saddles or wheels. For very expensive parts, like SON dynamos or Rohloff hubs we offer Pitlock accesories as an option. These can only be opened with a special tool and is the best wheel security around.

Bicycle Encoding with the tout terrain Bikefinder

Up to now, the chances of finding a stolen bicycle have been slim. Given the difficulty of identifying stolen bicycles and determining the owner of ones that are recovered, cases are only rarely resolved. tout terrain provides all its bicycles with an effective solution to this problem with the tout terrain bikefinder, the theft protection system from CODE-No. com. Using this CODE number, owners can register their bicycles as their property at The online registration is free and there is no time limit. identifies a bicycle anonymously and clearly, making it possible to identify bicycles and their owners using The CODE number also provides a clear indication of registration, thus acting as a deterrent.

Your benefits are:

  • Registration on at no extra cost.
  • Highly visible coding discourages bicycle theft.
  • registered objects are easily identified as stolen goods and virtually unsaleable!
  • The anonymity of the owner is safeguarded.
  • Very strong label under the clear coat makes it difficult to remove the adhesive.

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