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Experience unique moments

Our goal is to find new trends and ideas and drive these into innovative products. The focus is on the topics of security and comfort. Quality and reliability of the products are guaranteed by our own development and design; careful selection of materials and strict quality control is considered a prerequisite for us. A team of passionate bike and outdoor enthusiasts is constantly working to achieve these ideas and the best solutions for each product.

The tout terrain trailer product portfolio is divided into three categories URBAN, OFFROAD and TOUR to meet different needs.


Less is more. This famous quotation is more than valid for bicycle trailers: the less weight you need to handle, the more fun it is. We design our products with weight optimization in mind to give you the features you really need without overweighting the trailer.


Suspension feels good!

Over 50 % of vibrations are reduced by an integral suspension system in a child's trailer. We use air-sping or coil-spring shocks; familiar to you from high quality bikes which offer considerably enhanced comfort in comparison to systems without suspension. But it is not just in off-road applications but also in the city that suspension is in demand. For example when you cycle with your trailer over curbstones, cobblestones or through potholes the suspension absorbs harsh impacts and vibrations, and guarantees the greatest possible protection and comfort.

Safety belt with 5-point harness

A 5-point harness system is an integral part of the safety concept for the transportation of your child. In case of an accident, the forces will be transferred through five points into the trailer frame.



Apart from the suspension, also the design of the chassis is of major importance. The single wheeled construction of our trailers improves ground contact, reduces unsprung mass, minimizes impacts on the passengers and increases therefore the security during the ride. Our single wheeled trailers chassis' main advantage is its unrivaled riding performance. Due to the one wheel design, the trailer always follows the bike, has less rolling resistance and therefore offers a much wider riding spectrum without sacrificing security.

The missing link

The hitch is the decisive link which connects the trailer to your bike. It has to be of high quality without system immanent play to guarantee a smooth ride. Premium bearings guarantee a great long-term functionality.

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